The law office is comprised of well trained and experienced Attorneys made up of Barristers and Solicitors and where need be, recourse is made to Academicians and consultants of different background.

GBAKA & CO. is made up of Lawyers trained in Civil Law and/or Common Law.

It is worth mentioning here that Cameroon situated in Central African sub region is a Bi-Jural country, where English (Common Law) and French (Civil Law) operate alongside our National Laws.

Attorneys of the office are well trained and are up to date on the OHADA Laws (Harmonised Business Law) practiced in some 17 African countries.  Besides this, the office satisfactorily delivers services through its different departments in the following fields:

  • Litigation (Public and Private Law),
  • Business Law;Incorporation of Companies, Due Diligence, Anti trust, Corporate restructuring, International Commercial Law, International Joint venture, Mining Laws & Transactions , Negotiations and Drafting of contracts, Real estate & Construction law, Banking and Finance,
  • Incorporation of Associations and NGOs,
  • Advises on Electoral matters and litigation (election petitions)
  • Labour & employment laws.

Because of the value and the importance we attach to our clients business, we are guided by the principles of integrity, honesty and hard work and above all we lay emphasis on professional secrecy and competence to guide our conduct. Le bureau est composé d’avocats bien formés et expérimentés, composés d’avocats et des experts et, le cas échéant, d’un recours auprès des Académiciens et des consultants.