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International Court of Justice(ICJ) Opens hearing on a preliminary objections raised by the United States of America in the case Islamic Republic of Iran V. United States of America

In the case of Islamic Republic of Iran V. United States of America, US lawyers will be making a case as from today Monday 14 September to 21 September 2020 for ICJ to reject the jurisdiction of that court to resolve a case brought by Iran seeking to lift US sanctions against Tehran.
This is contained in a Press Release N°2020/26 signed by that court on 03/09/2020 stating that the hearing will take place at the Peace Palace in Hague the Seat of the Court and will be devoted on the Preliminary Objections raised by the USA in the above cited case.
Iran brought this claim to the International Court of Justice in 2018 seeking the court to order Washington to lift sanctions against Iran because of what Iran refers to as breach of decades-old friendship treaty.
United States of America has held that the real aim of Iran’s Legal suit is to restore a 2015 nuclear pact opposed by the administration of President Donald Trump. Tehran argues that the sanctions imposed by Washington when it abandoned the 2015 pact aimed at preventing Tehran from developing nuclear weapons, violates their 1955 “Treaty of Amity”, or bilateral friendship agreement.
It should be noted that after Iran filed two cases based on the treaty against the USA, at the World Court, US announced it was officially withdrawing but that move was not retroactive and has no effect on the ongoing case.
Source: ICJ’s website( )